RAPTOR ice axe


 Aggressive, ergonomic, ultralight and tough that’s RAPTOR!

Ice axe made from hybrid carbon and kevlar composite. Raptor is specially designed for technical climbing in mixed terrain, ice climbing and drytooling. Height 50 cm, weight 430g. Two holes- on top to attach HMS (pick) and on the bottom to attach cord. The shaft is covered with special abrasive paint for perfect grip. 

Price 350 EUR



 The lightest ice axe You can find!

We are the only producer of certificated ice axes in Poland!
Furthermore we are THE FIRST and ONLY producer of certificated climbing axes, made only from composites in the world!!!

Made from hybrid carbon and kevlar composite. Salamandra is specially designed for ice climbing and long mountain routes. Height 50 cm, weight 360-450g depending on blade. Two holes- on top to attach HMS (pick) and on the bottom to attach cord. Salamandra  is made according to EN 13089 standard for ice axes (type 2).

Price 350 EUR

 KRUK alpine axe


If You are looking for a modern alpine ice-axe, that’s our answer!

Kruk (Crow) is specially designed for advanced mountaineering. It is curved for better grip, with straight bottom part to penetrate snow. It has a detachable blade designed with Artur Małek. 58cm long it weights just 370 grams. Kruk has a sticky grip on the logo area.

Price 250 EUR

SULTRO avalanche shovel

The lightest avalanche shovel for real mountain duties.

Two segment shovel made from carbon & kevlar only. Total length is 70 cm.  Disconnected: handle-50 cm, shovel-30x23cm. Weight is 380g. Additional features: stainless steel reinforcement on the bottom, and holes in shovel (placed on client demand) to attach it to backpack.

 Price 200 EUR

Custom products


Eliteclimb makes tailored equipment. On photo is Black Swan-  race climbing axe for Ola Kosek- one of the World Cup Ice Climbing competitors. Made from carbon and kevlar, length circa 60cm weight 500g.

Actual look of products may vary because of handcraft.

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