Pumori South face, 2017 Vlad Capusan

Annapurna Polsped expedition 2017 Adam Bielecki

Cholatse, Kiajo Ri, Peak 5, 2016 Vlad Capusan

Vlad Capusan reached the summit of Cholatse (6440m) by SW ridge.

He didn’t stopped on Cholatse and later this season made the first repeat of American Route on Kiajo Ri 6189m and first ascent of Peak 5,6421m Romanian Flame 6a+,M5/M6, AI4 90′

Snow Leopard 2016 Andrzej Bargiel

Andrzej Bargiel made the fastest ascent of the five highest peaks of former Soviet Union. He needed only 30 days to climb and ski down all five peaks that are above 7000m.

During climbs he was using our Salamandra axes.

Polish Gasherbrum Traverse 2016 Grzegorz Bielejec, …

Grzesiek Bielejec, Jarek Gawrysiak and Krzysiek Stasiak have been using our Kruk and Salamandra axes during Polish Gasherbrum Traverse 2016.

Polish Pamir Expedition Dominik Malirz, Michał Skrzypczyk, Patryk Kostyra

Three climbers from Polish Pamir Expedition team are using Salamandra and Kruk climbing axes during climbs on The Snow Leopard peaks.

Nanga Parbat winter expedition Nanga Stegu Revolution 2015/ 2016 Adam Bielecki, Jacek Czech

Adam Bielecki & Jacek Czech, equipped in our Salamandra climbing axes, planned to make first winter ascent on Nanga Parbat. They’ve chosen Kinshofer route and wish to achieve goal in light&fast style.

Unfortunately  weather was not on their side. Adam & Jacek have tried tree times to reach C2 (6100m), above the tough Kinshofer wall. The critical point was 80 metres fall during third attempt. You can watch movie with Adam just after the accident.

That situation and bad weather forecasts incline Adam & Jacek to finish expedition and safely go back to Poland.

We are proud that the leading world class climbers such as Adam & Jacek, were using our Salamandra climbing axes, on one of the two remaining Himalaya peaks with no winter ascent till that time.

Hard Camping new climbing route in China 2015 Wojtek Ryczer

Marcin Rutkowski, Wojtek Ryczer and Rafał Zając have made the first ascent on above 6000m peak in China. Hard Camping  ED2, M7, WI5 1600m.


Broad Peak 2015 Andrzej Bargiel

Once again our ice-axes helped to achieve the success. This time Andrzej Bargiel made the first full ski-descent from the top of the Broad Peak (8051 m).

Salamadra ice-axes made his way up much easier, and on the way down made his backpack much lighter 🙂


Denali Cassin Ridge 2015 Janusz Gołąb

On the first day of June in 2015  Janusz Gołąb, Wojciech Grzesiok & Andrzej Życzkowski made third polish ascent of Cassin Ridge on Denali (6194 m), Alaska.

Janusz was equipped in a pair of our Salamandro’s.


K2 & Broad Peak Middle 2014 Artur Małek

Thanks to Artur Małek, a member of Polish Winter Himalaya Team our products were on  K2 and Broad Peak Middle expedition.

“It was a really great support and incredible to have two climbing ice-axes with the weight of one” he said.

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